NFL Week 2

Week 2 of the NFL season is in the books and there were definitely some great games this past Sunday. I had the chance to watch three: Patriots/Chargers, Bears/Saints and Falcons/Eagles. Patriots QB Tom Brady proved that he is, in fact, the best quarterback in the game. Dude is ridiculous. He doesn’t care who’s on the field, he looks to get everyone involved and elevates the game of his teammates. Chargers QB Philip Rivers is one of my personal favorite players in the league. He is extremely accurate and his swagger is through the roof. Although he had a solid game, it was evident that Brady is in a league of his own. Brady threw for 423 yards and 3 touchdowns on his way to becoming only the second QB to throw for 400+ yds a week after throwing for 500+. The Patriots won the game 35-21. The Pats look good and Brady may be on his way to capturing his 4th Super Bowl ring.

The Bears/Saints game wasn’t even a contest. The Saints defense line looked unstoppable and sacked Bears QB Jay Cutler 6 times, leaving him unable to make any plays on offense. Saints QB Drew Brees, however, was able to lead his offense with ease by throwing 3 TDs and winning the game 30-13.

Finally, the marquee game of the week involved Eagles QB Michael Vick’s return to Atlanta to play the Falcons. Everybody knows his story. The former Falcons star missed two seasons due to being locked up on dog fighting charges. But he’s redeemed himself and received his 2nd $100 million contract and elevated his play from before he was incarcerated. Vick had a very good game, although he did make some mistakes early on. The Eagles were about to take a big lead in the 3rd quarter before Vick ran into a teammate and received a concussion. He left the game with the Eagles up 31-21 and didn’t return. The Falcons were able to capitalize on the loss of the playmaker and were able to come back for a 35-31 victory.

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4 thoughts on “NFL Week 2

  1. rnr1220 says:

    I’m home team all the way and am excited for the Falcon’s win; however, when they play Philadelphia, I’m always on edge because either team can win and I’d be happy LOL We miss Vick so much!

  2. Imhild says:

    Hi am not a football fan at all.But good job

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