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The Wrestler

In the late 1990s and early 2000s, I was a wrestling fan. I don’t watch it now and when I catch a glimpse of it, I find myself asking “why did I ever watch this crap?” But the WWF and WCW were extremely popular back then and I was one of the millions of fans that enjoyed watching wrestling on Monday nights.

One of the most popular wrestlers during that time was Scott Hall. He had everything: size, strength, charisma, good looks. The 6’8″, 290 pound beast was one of the highest paid wrestlers and had scores of fans around the country. Behind his wrestling facade was a very troubled man. Crippled by drugs, alcohol, and the memory of killing another human being, Hall fell into a downward spiral that resulted in multiple trips to rehab and missing his children growing up.

His life is the real life version of the film “The Wrestler”. A young man on top of the world quickly falls from grace and loses everything. If you have 20 minutes to waste, watch the video above. It tells the sad story of a man that has lost his way and still yearns to hear the fans chanting his name.

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